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Windows 10 startup nag message UEFI or Legacy bios

  bromanz 12:55 28 Oct 2016

My son has upgraded Windows 7 32 bit 4gb ram pc to Windows 10 within offer period . He complains about getting this startup nag message option every time he boots up & feels he has already selected Legacy bios to be safe but that message option keeps reappearing every boot up. I only have a win 8 pc & dont get message so cant advise him. Help would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:50 28 Oct 2016

The safe (securest) option is UEFI but if you need to get back into your PC when windows cocks up then Legacy is easier.

  bromanz 16:26 30 Oct 2016

thanks Fruit bat have already gone through disabling Uefi due a crash on my own Win8 system then loaded repair cd & reenabled Uefi after ,which I know has Secure boot against rootkits. But Im concerned if my son enables Uefi there are reports of Win 7 upgrades to Win 10 pc's giving Uefi option as with my sons pc, but then crashing & unable to boot .So son opted Legacy bios option but being nagged every start up to choose again .How to get rid nag screen is problem. Thanks if can suggest solution

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