Windows 10 start menu puzzle?

  Flak999 12:07 07 Feb 2018

Hi all, i am now up and running on my brand new shiny computer with Win 10 Pro installed. All seems to be running well, but I have a query about the start menu? I have installed multiple programs over the last few days and all appear in the start menu except one! CCleaner is installed I can run it, it appears in "settings" under "Apps and features" I can pin it to the task bar, but it does not appear in the start menu like every other program I have installed!

Does anybody know why this might be?

  john bunyan 13:15 07 Feb 2018

In. CCleaner tools you can enable or disable start programmes. I keep this list very short -

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 07 Feb 2018

Not sure, but you can create a short cut and drag it to the start nmenu folder using Explore

  Flak999 15:01 07 Feb 2018

john bunyan

Sorry, I don't mean the programs that start when windows starts. I mean when you click the windows start button in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop. All my other installed programs appear there, just not CCleaner?

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Ah! I have been trying to drag the desktop icon to the start menu like you could do in Win 7. this obviously isn't possible in 10?

  john bunyan 15:29 07 Feb 2018



  john bunyan 15:31 07 Feb 2018

Figure E in link

  john bunyan 16:04 07 Feb 2018

I remember rdave 13 gave a tip on this - I used it but forget how! It puts a little double right pointing arrow icon in the taskbar on the bottom right , to the left of the users icon. Hopefully he will remind us !!!When yu click on the icon , all the old programmes appear as in the old start menu

  john bunyan 16:22 07 Feb 2018

Found it. Right click anywhere on the black bottom tool bar. When menu appears, select "Toolbars", then check - tick "Desktop". Then a little double arrow icon appears on the toolbar . click it and you should see what you want.

  Forum Editor 17:06 07 Feb 2018

Click the windows icon bottom left corner. Find the CCleaner folder in your programmes list and open it. Right click on the CCleaner icon and select 'Pin to start'.

  AroundAgain 17:30 07 Feb 2018

@john bunyan

Many thanks for that tip. I've just tried it and can see, in a list, all I have on the Desktop. Nice one ;)

I think it will be really useful so will leave it set up for a while and see how I find it. Will save me minimising all open windows to click on a desktop shortcut :)

  john bunyan 17:43 07 Feb 2018


Good - hope it solves Flak999 too. Original tip came from rdave13 a while ago so thanks hereby passed to him!

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