Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has been delayed

  Gordon Freeman 11:10 11 Apr 2018
Locked a serious bug.

For those of us eagerly awaiting the latest spring update, seems we'll have to wait a bit longer.

techradar article

  Forum Editor 10:48 04 May 2018

"My local repair man thinks cloud is the dog’s b*."

I agree with him. I use Office 365 (Best thing since sliced bread) and OneDrive. I don't put everything on OneDrive, just my work files, and this is managed via my local backup software - I specify the folders to monitor, and the software backs up the changes to my OneDrive space every fifteen minutes. It all works flawlessly.

I have the reassurance of knowing that my work is backed up in one of the safest locations there is, and is accessible to me from any computer on the planet, or even from my phone.

I love the Windows 10 Timeline feature - I can currently access any file I worked on between April 12th and last night with a single mouse click - no drilling down through folder hierarchies. In my view it is one of the best features to arrive in a long time.

As with all things, it's horses for courses. the average home user may have little interest in Cloud storage (at least as far as documents are concerned) or timelines. I have little interest in anything related to gaming.

We're all different, but from the terrabytes of feedback it gets, Microsoft knows the sizes of the parts of its userbase who want this or that facility and it caters to them accordingly.

  john bunyan 11:47 04 May 2018


Thanks. My main problem at the moment is my very poor upload speeds with cloud. I am at the moment staying in the middle of rural area but there is amazing WiFi in the cottages of 71 mbps downloads and 21 mbps upload. At home , in an urban area we are yet to have fibre and I get 8 mbps / 0.9 mbps. I will look again , but have a bit of aversion to monthly charges. I have Photoshop CS 5 , iTunes and Office , all paid. All are offering monthly arrangements for their latest offerings, plus Dropbox. A bit like Domestic & General who seek to insure cookers , microwaves, boilers, TV and so on. I will have another look at it all in view of your comments.

  john bunyan 09:31 05 May 2018

Starting from scratch , how long , from my home ISP’s upload speed of about 0.8 mbps (as opposed to the cottage I am staying at where it is 21 mbps!) would it take to upload say 200 gig from my potential OneDrive? This may delay my potential move until fibre arrives in my home street

  john bunyan 09:39 05 May 2018
  john bunyan 10:13 07 May 2018


Thank you so much for a very good contribution, I shall follow up when back

from a short cottage hire, where, stupidly, I fell through a cattle grid and broke a leg!

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