Windows 10 Sleep Problems Lenovo

  T3ran 06:16 30 Oct 2018


For a while now, actually after i install win 10 from win 7 i have sleep issuses. Well my problem is that my pc(not laptotp, but desktop pc) when i click him to sleep,all goes black, discs goes off, but only power is still on. I know that sleep is like mode to be pc ready, but when its in this state i can't turn him back on. my only option is to hold the power button for 5 sec and then turn on again my pc. I ve tried i lot of options for that issue, but no one didn't help, like turn hibernaton off, play with power plan settings, update drivers. So i dont have idea why this is keep happening, but on win 7 there was no that problem. I am using LENOVO think centre: -plate is LENOVO+ -Graphic : Geforce gtx 1050 TI -12 gb of ram -2 disc one ssd and one deafult sata

So please guys i would be very happy to help me out with this T3ran

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:53 30 Oct 2018

Disable Fastboot

  rickf 12:17 30 Oct 2018

Maybe it's a "her" and not a "him". Sorry couldn't help it. Perhaps, "it" will make it work?? Hope there is a sense of humour around.

  Forum Editor 14:31 30 Oct 2018

"Hope there is a sense of humour around."

It becomes harder to smile when you have a really irritating computer problem and you are simply seeking help.

  T3ran 22:52 30 Oct 2018

I've Tried to disable fastboot, but it's the same

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