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Windows 10 Settings flashing off

  sunnypete 17:13 06 Oct 2015

When will Microsoft repair the problem with Windows 10 Settings just flashing on, then off?

  chub_tor 13:06 07 Oct 2015

As far as I know no one on this site works for Microsoft. Why not ask you question on one of the Microsoft Forums?

  sunnypete 17:48 07 Oct 2015

Thought someone might suggest a work-around.

  chub_tor 22:06 07 Oct 2015

I don't have a solution for Settings flashing on and off but if it is the whole screen flashing then you might like to read this

  sunnypete 10:15 08 Oct 2015

Thanks, but that's not the problem. A lot of folks seem to have trouble with being unable to access "Settings", Microsoft seem to be dragging their feet providing a correction.

  chub_tor 11:18 08 Oct 2015
  sunnypete 18:02 08 Oct 2015

chub tor not really clear as to what one is supposed to do with it, doesn't seem to work anyway for a lot of people. Surely Microsoft should be applying their minds to the problem rather than asking users to try this, that and the other...

  chub_tor 19:59 08 Oct 2015

not really clear as to what one is supposed to do with it,

One is supposed to run the troubleshooter that they give the link to. Did you do that? What was the result?

  sunnypete 09:23 09 Oct 2015

Only link I found was to a third party site, I don't click on such dubious things!

  chub_tor 09:29 09 Oct 2015

If you read the text in the first paragraph you should see in blue from this link If you click on that link it takes you to an immediate download from Microsoft, not a third party site. That is the Microsoft Troubleshooter

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