Windows 10 is running on almost 10%

  Forum Editor 08:00 17 Dec 2015

of the world's computers, according to figures released at the beginning of this month, and the upward trend is continuing.

Have you downloaded Windows 10 yet, and if you have, what do you think of it?

  onthelimit1 08:46 17 Dec 2015

I'm OK with it, but need/use a fraction of its capabilities. Still prefer W7 to be honest!

  RV510 09:13 17 Dec 2015

Windows 10 seems to be presenting a lot of issues for a lot of users, corrupting programmes, certain elements not working, I know it's early days and there is bound to be glitches in the system and I think that's why Microsoft has offered it as a free download, there's no better way to test the system than get people to use it. Personally I don't like it, tried it and found it difficult to navigate with a lot of issues that need sorting out. Stick with 7, which in my opinion has been the best system to date.

  Govan1x 09:25 17 Dec 2015

I think W10 is not as bad as W8 but not as good as W7. Actually I don't think it is even as good as XP.

It is a bit like Vista some liked it and some hated it.

  alanrwood 09:34 17 Dec 2015

I like it. Updated 11 machines now with only minimal problems ie need to re-install printers on a couple of machines. It is not that different to Win7 in most respects. Main criticism is the absolute mess they have made of the Start Menu. It may be better than Win8 but nowhere near as flexible as Win7. Bought "Start 10" at round about £3 and everything is back to normal. Personally not really interested in Cortana so switched off. Wish they had not enforced updates and left it as it was in Win7. Other than that I am pleased with it and bearing in mind that it will be supported for a lot longer than Win7 and thus will be more secure for longer.

  Forum Editor 09:38 17 Dec 2015


"I think that's why Microsoft has offered it as a free download, there's no better way to test the system than get people to use it."

That isn't why Microsoft released the software as a free download at all. The new system represents a policy change at Microsoft, whereby the software is free to download (and update). The idea behind it is to encourage more people to take up the operating system as rapidly as possible, enabling software developers to work faster (because of the larger, early userbase) on a whole range of new apps. In the past, software developers tended to wait until there was a sufficiently large userbase to make it worthwhile developing for a new version of Windows. The free download will result in more people running Windows 10 sooner.

In the medium to long term, this will benefit Microsoft, which is looking to sell more apps via the Microsoft store. The more the developers get new apps to market, the more people will want to use them, and that means more money to Microsoft.

It has nothing to do with wanting people to test the Windows 10 software.

Windows 10 is running on around 150 million computers, worldwide, and the take-up rate is apparently continuing. It will accelerate as the free download deadline draws closer.

  Forum Editor 09:45 17 Dec 2015


"Actually I don't think it is even as good as XP."

Are you serious? It is faster, more powerful, more fully featured, and far more stable at this point in its development than XP was.

Frankly, there's no comparison - technology has advanced hugely since XP was released, fourteen years ago.

  kad292 09:53 17 Dec 2015

Too many little problems.I have two laptops and both were on W7 set up the same way and working perfectly before the upgrade (?) to W10 on one of them ruined it,slow start up,crap WiFi,flickering screen,drivers,video playback even with VLC,none of those issues when it was W7.Conclusion BAD descision.

150 million machines using now with uptake increasing in the future,seems to me it is about quantity of over quality.

  Govan1x 10:33 17 Dec 2015

[Are you serious? ]of course I am you asked what we thought of it and that is my opinion.

[ technology has advanced hugely since XP was released, fourteen years ago.]

It may have but obviously I haven't and that is the problem for me.

Now if it was that good why would they give it away free. maybe that is why so many folk use it.

Would anyone actually buy it. It is only because it was free that the 10% use it and some of those were forced to use it through the automatic updates.

Basically W10 is just an update of Windows 8 which I of course tried when it first came out.And try as I could I have still not got to grips with it and of course never will. So to me W8 and W10 has been a huge disappointment for me. Pity they don't let you go back to W7 but no doubt there is a reason for that.

  xania 15:21 17 Dec 2015

I have not yet taken the plunge and have advised all my students to wait at least until Easter before deciding. One person has just bought a new laptop with W10 already installed and is still suffering the learning curve. Another accidentally started the upgrade and, after 2 hours, gave up and switched off her machine - I dread to think what will happen to her when she switches back on, but I told her to do just that and leave it overnight!!

Anyhow, what's the hurry. We still have plenty of time to decide, and even if the offer does end after 12 months, so long as we have the download we can install it when we want.

Overall, I suspect/hope/pray that it W10 will provide the answers we have been seeking, but for those not in the know, its still best to wait until more of the glitches have been ironed out by those of us in the know.

  RV510 15:42 17 Dec 2015

It would be nice, if possible, to download W10 to an external HDD and leave your existing OS on your PC.

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