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Windows 10 restore points deleted

  martd7 14:13 07 Oct 2019

Do Windows restore points self delete? I usually keep a max of 4, the very first one,2 more and the latest one. When I have looked today,the first one has gone and I am left with 2recent ones when windows updated,and the most recent restore point

  martd7 16:10 07 Oct 2019

I do not know if its Windows update or not,if it is this is the first time this has occurred

  rickf 16:33 07 Oct 2019

Windows 10 updates is a strange beast. I have 3 pcs at home. Since update 2pcs (Windows Mail)automatically delete my deleted mail in the deleted folder and sent mails get automatically deleted as well in the sent folder. Can't stop this try as I might. However, the other PC remains as before so at least I can have a record and delete as convenient.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:09 10 Oct 2019

have often found windows switches off restore and in the process deletes all restore points after an upgrade.

  alanrwood 10:28 10 Oct 2019

Windows restore pounts are automatically deleted when the space you have allocated to restore points storage is full. You can change the space allocated if you wish.

All restore points are deleted in Windows Feature Updates because they would not be compatible with the new installed version. They are not needed anyway as the update creates a Windows.old folder of the whole older installation

Yes Windows Feature Updates usually switches the Backup/Restore function off and it needs to be turned on again

  martd7 20:45 11 Oct 2019

Thanks everyone

I suspected the Windows update had deleted them,my C:drive is backed up anyway to my external drive,just wondered why the restore points had been deleted

  john bunyan 22:32 11 Oct 2019

Recheck that restore points are enabled after a major update/ feature update - sometimes it reverts to being off

  Forum Editor 11:11 12 Oct 2019

Moved to the Windows Help Forum from Tech Helproom.

  alex010 08:57 14 Oct 2019

Actually they do, I also made few restore points but after some time, I can't find them

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