Windows 10 repair needed

  azzydoon 22:11 11 Aug 2017

Hi friends, I bought asus laptop 10 days ago. I got windows 10 with the laptop. Today i tried to reset it with factory settings. During installing windows, it didnt move from 1% for long so i switched it off and restart.

Now is has gone on a loop and showing error and asking to restart.

Though it is under warranty the shop keeper is saying it will take 25 days to get it repaired.. :-(

I don't hv cd of windows 10. Is there any method to recover it?

Please help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 11 Aug 2017

download a win 10 iso from Msoft (free) and put on a bootable USB

You may need to enter BIOS to switch from UEFI to legacy boot to allow it to boot from the USB.

you can use the USb to do a repair or a clean install

  BRYNIT 23:24 11 Aug 2017

Turn your Asus laptop on and continually tap F9 hopefully this should get you into the recovery/repair option where you can reset the laptop.

During the recovery process you will find it will take a while and it does sometimes look like nothings happening, just leave it and go out shopping or something. Hopefully by the time you come back it will be ready.

  azzydoon 15:30 12 Aug 2017

Nothing is happening when i press f9. :-(

  wee eddie 15:36 12 Aug 2017

May one ask? Why did you decide to return it to Factory Settings, after having owned it for only 10 days?

  azzydoon 15:45 12 Aug 2017

My old laptop lenonovo which i bought 2 year's ago didn't start one day. I gave it to repair shop, after a month no one could start it so i decided to buy new laptop. I took the hard disk of my old laptop which was being detected in other computers except my new laptop. I needed my important data from my old hard disk. So i thought if i reset my new laptop, it might detect. Then i tried to reset it and it got stuck... now it went on a loop...

  azzydoon 15:52 12 Aug 2017

  alanrwood 17:38 12 Aug 2017

Presumably you still have the original Hard Drive with its Windows installation. Why not simply reinstall it and fit your old one to a USB caddy and copy the required data from it to the computer hard drive.

  azzydoon 14:48 22 Aug 2017

I reinstalled windows 10 with cd.. and it did the digital registration. And now i again have the genuine windows 10 on my laptop... thanks for your help guys.. i really appreciate it... :-)

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