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windows 10 re set problem

  Geoff Henshall 23:25 17 May 2017

I want to do a full re-set - removing all user files and cleaning c:drive - when I invoke this the system seems to work ok then it re-boots then a message says please wait I have left it for various times 1 hour, 2 hours and all night but it just displays this message and seems stuck - anyone have an idea whats the problem - System is Intel i5 6600 (new in December 16) running win 10 Creators update installed

  Jagriti Verma 07:41 18 May 2017

Whenever something goes wrong while booting system, Windows first runs into Automatic Repair wizard and fixes the issues automatically. And if it failed, you have to Refresh or Reset the machine. But at most times, the Refresh or Reset failure or stuck issue will happen soon with error messages.

If you try to attempt for Refresh, you will see the error message 'There was a problem refreshing your PC. No changes were made '.

And if you’re going to use Reset feature, there is another error message: There was a problem resetting your PC'.

Now, Windows 10 reset stuck issue with 'There was a problem resetting your PC' error message seems to be increasingly severe. More and more users are reporting this issue and ask for help online. So, here we collect a few possible ways that confirmed by some users to be helpful. You can try them one by one to 'There was a problem resetting your PC' error and Windows 10 reset stuck issue. The solutions also work for Windows 8 and 8.1.

  Archonar 08:50 18 May 2017

As said by Priyanka, but in a bit more detail - Create a windows 10 install usb, plug it into the pc, reboot, and use it to install windows on top of the current installation. That will wipe the C: drive and install a new windows version over the top.

This will remove all of your data, back up anything you do not want to lose

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