Windows 10 questions from a Mac user

  ashleighs 20:30 23 Mar 2018


For the last 10 years or so I've only used Macs, though used Windows extensively before that. I find myself in a situation for which I need a Windows machine again. However I have a few concerns based on what Windows used to be like back in the day. Wondered if anyone is able to give any pointers / reassure me things have improved. Specifically...

  1. Backups. I love Apple's time machine- specifically because it is easy to restore to a completely blank/ replaced disk without having to install the OS. Understand Windows' equivalent can do this if you create recovery media, is that right? Does it work well?

  2. Do PC manufactures generally include installation discs for Windows/bundled software and any drivers needed? If no, are they easily obtainable? Remember this bring a problem in Win9x/XP days with some manufacturers.

  3. Is it still advisable to install 3rd party AV, spyware protection, firewall etc or are the built in tools 'good enough' these days?

Many thanks for your help,

  rdave13 00:18 24 Mar 2018

I'll try to answer as best as I can.

We're talking Windows 10 here,

1 Macrium free is better to create images than Windows' own backup program. click here.

2 No installation disks but Windows 10 offers a 'refresh' of the OS where you can choose to keep files and folders or keep nothing which means a new install.

3 Windows 10 firewall is fine. I run Defender and Malwarebytes Pro with CryptoBlocker and AntiWebMiner.

Most here also use the free version of Crapcleaner to maintain their computer.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 00:39 24 Mar 2018

Edit, CryptoBlocker should read CryptoPrevent.

  ashleighs 20:26 25 Mar 2018

Thank you for your help- much appreciated!

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