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Windows 10 problem post Creators Update

  fourret 16:39 26 Jan 2018

Since the Creators update I have found that sometimes but not everytime I plug in an external drive I get the sounds of it being plugged in but it doesn't appear in File Explorer. This has happened with three different types of drive. An HDD for my backups, a camera memory card and a USB drive. When this happens the next time I restart I get blue screen telling me it will restart and a repair routine that doesn't work. I have to use System Restore to get running again. Any ideas welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 26 Jan 2018

Right click start - Command Prompt (admin) - type

sfc /scannow

let windows scan for and replace missing or corrupt windows files, this will take a while to complete.

when complete type exit. Start - Power - Restart (Not shutdown)

see if your problem is better after the restart.

  fourret 08:58 28 Jan 2018

Thanks Fruit Bat. Already tried sfc, ran it again and no errors found.

  Govan1x 10:00 28 Jan 2018

Having the same problem as well so it will be interesting to see if you find a cure.

I assumed it was a usb cable fault so have sent for a new one.I also get the sounds but nothing shows.

Have you checked Device Manager and USB to make sure that there are no yellow exclamation marks.

I get the odd one that gives an error 43 or 34 on it. But does not mater what you do to try and fix it nothing works. If I delete it it just comes back the same.

At the moment I am trying to install a new SSD and when I plug it into the USB port I get the noise but nothing else. I hope the new cable connector will work when I get it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 28 Jan 2018

I'm assuming that the USB drivers have been replace by the update now generic Microsoft drivers.

If you know the make of USB controllers I suggest you try the latest drivers from the manufacturer.

  Govan1x 10:17 28 Jan 2018

If I go to all settings. Devices. USB. It shows External drive on it but no information. If I unplug it, it disappears. So it seems it is registering on there but not telling me what.

  Bris 10:53 28 Jan 2018

Had exactly the same problem. Seems to be related to the latest cumulative update. I had been nagged for some time to upgrade the firmware on my SSD & keyboard but on the principle of "if it aint broke dont fix it" I ignored the requests. When I got this problem I decided to upgrade as requested and the problem is now resolved, unfortunately as I did both upgrades at the same time I am unable to determine which one was responsible.

On the evidence the problem seems to revolve around USB, try removing all USB devices especially those with "intelligence" such as a wireless keyboard/mouse, plug in a bog standard wired keyboard and mouse, do a restore, and see if that helps.

  fourret 13:04 30 Jan 2018

Thanks everyone but I think the time has come for a new PC.

  Govan1x 16:24 30 Jan 2018


Still trying to connect my new SSD but no luck so far. I was hoping you would have came back with a fix by now, I cant find one. My problem is it will not work on the notebook or the Desktop. I have an old hard drive that works on both so it has me stumped.

  fourret 16:32 30 Jan 2018

G'day. My problem gets stranger by the day. It is a different USB port that is not showing up from day to day. Sorry I can't help

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