Windows 10 Possible Installation Problem

  The Teacher 17:42 10 Oct 2015

I have finally decided to try Win 10. I have downloaded it, now I get the screen which says "preparing for installation". However it is has been in the same place for a long, long time and I am not sure whether or not it is stuck. Can anyone who has installed Win 10 advise please?


  Govan1x 18:46 10 Oct 2015

Some folk can take between 2 hours and 14 hours trying t install it and it still does not install.

I would leave it till bed time and if it has not installed stop it from running.

Probably quicker being connected by ethernet than wireless. I take it you made sure it was fully up to date before you started the upgrade.

  The Teacher 20:17 10 Oct 2015

Yes thanks, made sure it was all up to date. Did stop the installation and am trying again, downloading again and will see what happens then. Thanks again for replying.

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