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Windows 10 PC - Screen Stays On

  onthelimit1 11:13 26 Jun 2020

A PC with all updates installed. Have just noticed that the monitor stays on. Have checked the Power settings, and it is set to turn off after 30 mins, but it doesn't!

Any ideas please?

  wee eddie 12:15 26 Jun 2020

Does it have a separate Power Supply?

  alanrwood 13:11 26 Jun 2020

That setting, if in Windows, is probably the one that shuts the monitor down after a set period of non-activity so is probably not connected with your problem.

Switching off the monitor when you close down Windows is normally activated by the monitor itself when it loses an input signal. Have a look in the monitor settings on the monitor itself.

I may be off beam here as I have had to guess a few things. Maybe if you gave us a bit more info we can target the problem you have rather than what we think you might have.

  onthelimit1 13:59 26 Jun 2020

Sorry - poor explanation! The monitor shuts down when the PC is turned off, but doesn't 'after a period of inactivity'.

  alanrwood 15:21 26 Jun 2020

OK, thanks for the clarification.

You need to play around with the power Configuration settings and experiment a bit and see what happens. It may be that Windows has not actually made the setting correctly. It happens very occasionally and changing a setting sometimes has the desired effect.

  onthelimit1 15:24 26 Jun 2020

Thanks - it used to work as advertised, so wondering if an update has upset it. I'll carry on playing (nothing else to do!).

  onthelimit1 10:34 29 Jun 2020

Google finally suggested disabling the HID Compliant Game Controller in Device Manager. No idea why, but screen time out working normally again now!

  alanrwood 11:34 29 Jun 2020

How strange but glad it is sorted.

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