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Windows 10 password problems

  tiredtim 15:17 15 Sep 2019

I know the advice is to use a password to enter Windows 10, however I am sole user of the pc and no internet banking or similar is done on it so I really do not want to have to log in every time I open up. I have done the netplwiz way so many times and it lasts for a couple of days and I am back to having to sign in. Is there anything else I can do to stop this problem, Windows 10 is so slow opening up now anyway which is an added reason for not having to log in? It seemed to start after an update but I am not sure which one as I've been trying to overcome it for months now Thanks in advance

  john bunyan 15:51 15 Sep 2019

Here is a link. Create a local account, give it administrator status, move your data to it then , if happy, delete MS account. Obviously, I would make a Macrium or other image first.

Local account

  john bunyan 15:53 15 Sep 2019

PS you don’t have to create new password

  john bunyan 15:56 15 Sep 2019

You can delete it via settings app.

Have a look here

Remove Password

  wee eddie 18:19 15 Sep 2019

Tiredtim: I'm in a similar position to you.

Most of the time I don't need a Password but while I had the Decorators in, I activated the password, and then removed it when they'd finished and gone

  Secret-Squirrel 09:12 16 Sep 2019

I really do not want to have to log in every time I open up......................Windows 10 is so slow opening up now.............

Have you considered using "Sleep" instead of Shutdown when you finish using your PC? If you haven't then it'll be a revelation. While it's slumbering it uses a miniscule amount of power and will spring back to life in just a couple of seconds.

To remove the password request for resuming from sleep, head over to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options -> then set "Require sign-in" to "Never".

  BT 17:59 16 Sep 2019

Since I have had my new Laptop it gave me the option to use a PIN rather than a password which is much more useful.

  tiredtim 15:16 19 Sep 2019

Thank you all for your suggestions, some I have already tried but to no avail the rest are on the agenda for when I have some spare "fiddling" moments. The idea of sleep seems a good one but whether I can get my other half to accept the idea who knows.

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