Windows 10 - Package can not be registered

  belayer 17:27 19 Feb 2018

My wife's PC with Windows 10 has just developed a problem. She is unable to open any of the images (photos) from any of the albums on her PC, instead she gets the error message 'Package can not be registered'. I have visited the MS Windows 10 help site and it seems thousands of others have experienced this, but Microsoft seem unable to help. is there a fix?

  rdave13 18:20 19 Feb 2018

Have you tried resetting the Photos app? Settings - Apps - Apps and features - scroll down to Photos, select advanced options - then scroll down to reset. I would then close all and reboot.

  beeuuem~2 22:56 19 Feb 2018

Have you run system file checker to ensure there are no corrupted files ?

  belayer 11:23 20 Feb 2018

I have tried resetting Apps as above.

I suspect I have now also uninstalled Photos by accident as when I click on a jpeg file it opens in Paint! The Photos app doesn't now even appear in the list of apps.

I have no idea how to get Photos to work again or re-install it.

Any suggestions?

  rdave13 15:02 20 Feb 2018

Go to Store and type Microsoft Photos in the search box.

  belayer 19:18 20 Feb 2018

I have completely re-installed the latest Windows 10, there is no Photos app in it. Is there any way of getting it to show pictures on a full screen (like it used to) when I double click on a file in the file manager?

That is all I am asking for.

  belayer 19:19 20 Feb 2018

clicking on Microsoft Store does nothing, absolutely nothing happens, nothing changes on screen, it goes nowhere.

  belayer 19:21 20 Feb 2018

As the problem is now slightly different I will start a new thread.

  wee eddie 19:25 20 Feb 2018

Right click on a .jpg and select either "Photo Gallery" or "Photos". Both have, somewhat limited editing choices. If you want more choice download "IrfanView"

  belayer 19:44 20 Feb 2018

wee eddie, I can't, it doesn't give those options, it asks if I want to view it in Word, Paint or Paint 3D. No other options. There is no Gallery nor Photos. I I choose to 'select another app online' it tells me that microsoft store is not installed, contact my vendor. AAAAARGGHH!

  rdave13 20:07 20 Feb 2018

Reboot the computer.

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