Windows 10 November update - can't get it

  Mema 14:29 07 Dec 2015

Upgraded my PC to Win10 back in July/August, so did my husband on his PC. He received the November update about two weeks ago but I have had no updates (even general ones) since 11th November despite daily checks - he has had at least one. I have come across posts that suggest there may be an issue with updates for some people. Just to mention that in System Settings it only shows I am running Windows 10 Home but does not show the version (hubby's shows version) and I did run the Hard Reset Windows updates script but to no avail. Any assistance would be gratefully received.

  Govan1x 14:49 07 Dec 2015

Control panel. Troubleshooting. Choose windows updates. It will start then open another box which you have to click run as administrator.

If you have your own firewall turn windows firewall on as well. I find that helps solve some problems.

Also been told that if you turn Windows Defender on you may get it to update again. But who wants Windows defender running.

  john bunyan 14:54 07 Dec 2015

Go to Settings and there is, bottom left, an update option. It takes up to 3 hours!

  Mema 15:16 07 Dec 2015

Thanks for these replies but,sadly, have already "been there, done that". If I click to check for updates it just says PC is already up to date and troubleshooting doesn't find anything and refers me offline. The Microsoft site isn't helpful at all, and actually nor was the company that I bought the PC from when I contacted them to see if they knew any workround for it. Perhaps I just have to sit tight and wait a while; I'm just concerned that I've had NO updates at all since early November, so none of the normal stuff let alone the November "Service Pack" update, and yes, it did take a while for it to download and install on hubby's PC - but he got it without asking for it.

  alanrwood 16:30 07 Dec 2015

Quickest way is to download the LATEST Media Creation Tool which will create a memory stick with the latest version of Win10 including all the current updates.

Plug it into a USB and run Setup.exe. Select "Keep my Apps and documents (data)". If you don't get this option check you have downloaded the correct install language (Maybe US English). Leave it to install, it takes about an hour and you will be totally up to date.

The online update is being staggered by Microsoft so as not to overload their servers so maybe if you just wait it will come to you via Windows Update.

Another solution is to stop and disable "Windows Update Service in Admin Tool. Then reboot. Delete everything in Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Then restart Windows Update. Reboot and it should then download any outstanding updates.

  Mema 19:44 07 Dec 2015

alanwood thank you for this reply. I will keep this information to hand, but will be patient for a little while longer before I go down the road of "drastic action" - I use my computer for designing and crafting purposes mostly and this isn't the time of year to burn my boats!! Computer is working fine and logic says probably any updates hubby has had since I stopped getting them are for the upgraded version which his now is, so maybe I won't get any until the upgrade to the new Win10 version has been done. I'm frettin' for nothing probably. I have now located a British contact number for Microsoft, and I think there is online support too so I feel a bit happier. Thanks to all who have replied, but if anyone else has had this issue and resolved it I would love to hear what you did.

Cheers all

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