Windows 10 no start up or edge icon

  Billp64 08:50 26 Sep 2015

No start menu or edge icon, tried system restore which failed on two early dates. Downloaded win 10 again hoping this would correct but still the same problem. Cannot get Acronis true image to restore only wants to back up as I have a win 10 back up copy on external hard drive. What is the solution to getting it working again, do I remove it if I can back to win7 and then start again. Any help much appreciated as Spent an age downloading again for nothing. Bill

  Govan1x 09:24 26 Sep 2015

If you can get into Control panel make sure Windows Firewall is running even though you have your own Firewall. If it is already working click on default setting and set it to default.

Now that worked for me when I was having problems with Edge and Windows updates so worth a try.

  Billp64 11:36 27 Sep 2015

even repair will not work when clicked is there a way to repair win 10, I did try another download but that did nothing, computer in a bit of a mess need a complete repair but how can I start this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:08 27 Sep 2015
  1. Press and hold the buttons: “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Delete”.
  2. select “Task Manager” icon.
  3. select “File” tab situated in the upper left side of the Task Manager window.
  4. “Run new task” option.
  5. type powershell .
  6. Check the box next to “Create this task with administrative privileges”.
  7. click “OK” button.
  8. In Powershell command window. type or Copy / paste the following

Get-appxpackage -all shellexperience -packagetype bundle |% {add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installlocation + “\appxmetadata\appxbundlemanifest.xml”)}

  1. Press the “Enter” button on the keyboard for the command to execute.
  2. See if your Start menu is working now, if it is not reboot t.
  Billp64 13:30 27 Sep 2015

still not working I think in a mess do you know a way to do a restore from system prompt as the repair option is also not working, click on it and nothing happens. sfc /scannow finds nothing computer works with other browsers. Need to get windows 10 to repair itself

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 27 Sep 2015

you can clean install windows 10 by creating boot media and an iso file from here

because you have already upgraded the serial number is kept on MS servers so it should activate without problems.

1]: [click here

  Billp64 10:59 28 Sep 2015

Thanks, will it just repair over the faulty win 10 copy or do I put it on a separate partition. The copy in the machine the recovery options all fail including system restore and go back. Trying to find the best way to solve this. I have a win 7 CD and the original authorised number should I go that way as all clean install methods mention using the recovery options which I cant.

  Billp64 11:38 28 Sep 2015

Sorry to be thick on this, really I need to get Win 10 repaired but all recovery methods have failed unless there is a way of starting from a command prompt. If I use the download will it repair. I do have win7 disk from another machine and the number that this computer was authorised with. Which way would be best to go, happy with win 10 when it is working if I can re install it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 28 Sep 2015

If you clean install it will format the drive with windows on and install a new windows 10 from scratch so back up your data first ( or you can retieve it from the acronis back up after the fresh in stall.

  Billp64 13:14 30 Sep 2015

Thanks for all your help, have done the back up so will do the repair over this week-end. Appreciate you taking the trouble. Bill

  dal987 13:49 30 Sep 2015

Hello, this is a common problem. click here help, there are similar threads on that forum.

You should be able to do an in-place repair if you have a Win 10 boot disk and boot to normal mode, then use the disk. That will keep everything bar updates, I believe. click here


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