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Windows 10 no internet trough Ethernet

  TheSandman225 16:29 13 Aug 2015

So ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my Ethernet cable connection drops after 10-20 min. It will work again after a reboot but will drop after a few minutes. I still have internet trough WiFi.

Some information about my internet setup My desktop is connected to the internet trough a Ethernet cable. this cable feeds into a switch which is connected to a modem. I also have a router that is connected to the switch. And right now I am connected to the router trough WiFi.

So far i have tried:

  • restarting modem
  • using different Ethernet cables
  • connecting to the router instead of the modem (with Ethernet)
  • Let windows look for a solution. Didn't do much but tell me that there was no default gateway.
  • Tried uninstalling the Ethernet driver. The uninstall never finished the progress bad just kept looping. (still need to try again)
  • A forum online had said to uninstall virus protection and reinstall it after reboot. Didn't work.

I don't really know what else I could do. It is really starting to frustrate. I really hope someone knows what to do. I am tempted to go back to windows 8.1 just so that this problem won't exist anymore.

  hmd_destroyer 02:41 20 Nov 2015

Thank you, azitalian!! You saved me so much time! That worked! Thank you!!

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