Windows 10 M.S.E. and antivirus software

  indego 12:23 16 Mar 2018

If Microsoft Security Essentials are being used for best security on a Windows 10 Notebook, is there still a need for the use of antivirus software. I am asking this because my Windows 10 Notebook crashes and restarts on average twice, a week. This happens on a random basis no matter what I am doing, be it surfing, typing or reading email. The only other software I have downloaded and installed is a music software programme called Anvil Studio. Help please. Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:31 16 Mar 2018

Personaly I would use a better Antivirus than windows defender however it has improved alot in the last couple of years. I would recommend the Free Kaspersky scanner

There are some online scanners that you could try to see if you have a problem but they don't always remove any virus they find.

Your machine crashing can be down to other things than a virus overheat is a common cause, does it show a Blue scree error when it crashes?

Have a look in event viewer to see if errors or problems show there after a crash

  indego 21:31 17 Mar 2018

Thank you Fruit Bat/\0/\ for your reply and help. I have scanned with Microsoft Security Scanner and SuperAntiSpyware and there are no infections . It took something like 3 hrs. I then went into Event Viewer. I'll describe what I see as best I can. The viewer opens in three sections. The first section is divided into 3. The first is Custom Views, followed by Windows Logs followed by Applications and Service Logs. When each section is expanded, there are a number of page-like icons. In each section there are several icons with little red dots on them. If I click on Application under Windows Logs, the next column to the right shows 18,509(!)New events available. If you can help in dealing with these issues, I would be most thankful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:50 17 Mar 2018

click on the red underlined "event viewer" in my post above and it takes you to a site that explains how to use it.

  rdave13 22:24 17 Mar 2018

Microsoft Security Essentials isn't available on Windows 10 unless carried forward on an upgrade/update. Uninstall it via programs and features and reboot. Defender should take over.

Defender and Malwarebytes pro with Anti-web miner free and the free version of Crypto-preventer should be good enough.

Check your browser for extensions that also prevent coin mining.

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