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Windows. 10 and Microsoft FS 2004

  muddypaws 16:32 11 Oct 2016

Having studied the Flight Sim forums it appears that fs2004 will not work with W.10. Planning to get W.10 ( XP at present). When I do can I still access my present internal G cloned XP drive to run fs2004?


  lotvic 18:31 12 Oct 2016

Why not get a new hdd for your Windows 10 install. Keep the XP hdd and physically swap them over (just the sata lead) depending on which one you want to boot up. This way they won't interfere with each other as you will only have one hdd attached at boot time. I used to do this with XP and W7, worked well for me - and kept the grandchildren off my new W7 install :)

  muddypaws 12:09 13 Oct 2016


Yes- I have 'C' with XP on and a cloned 'C' on internal 'G' which is bootable. I have a spare new HDD on which to put W10.

So with W10 on a new 'C' I can still select and run 'G' from 'my comp.' ??

rdave13 Thanks.

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