Windows 10 Lockscreen pictures removal

  Brownhaw 12:27 20 Jan 2018

How to remove my pictures from the line-up of possible pictures for Lockscreen display.. There's facility to browse for future pictures, yet have not located how to remove. My pictures stay even if deleted from my pictures folder. Brownhaw.

  BRYNIT 13:48 20 Jan 2018

If you are talking about the 5 pictures showing in settings/lock screen click on the other pictures you should notice your picture moving to the end then select another picture from a folder and it will disappear.

  [DELETED] 13:54 20 Jan 2018

Right click blank space on desktop and select Personalise click on Lock screen. Select browse - double click Windows (C): , scroll down and double click Windows - scroll down and double click Web then Screen. You should be seeing the default photos showing in the Lock setting screen. Select the blank image. Back to the browse tab again then select the blank image again. Do this until you clear the list of images showing in the Lock screen settings.

  Brownhaw 16:27 27 Jan 2018

To BRYNIT and rdave13. Many thanks for your help. All is fine now. ....Brownhaw

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