Windows 10 keeps crashing with VGA GTX970

  zillah2004 14:16 02 Jan 2018

Dear Experts

My son desktop ASUS Motherboard Z97-K has VGA GTX 970 for gaming and it was working fine for 3 years so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then all of sudden computer crashed, I suspected it was hardware issue.

First thing I did removed VGA

Installed a fresh copy of windows 10 then installed VGA card and computer crashed.

Did the second installation and installed the VGA GTX 970 again and computer crashed again.

If I use built in VGA computer won’t crash so far.

How can I verify of its VGA GTX 970 problem or something else?

Yes, I can try installing the VGA on different desktop but I don’t want to risk crashing another computer if we have alternative way of troubleshooting


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