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windows 10 inteli5 500 gb ssd pc

  bromanz 19:54 25 May 2019

I have had lot of problems with new win 10 pc, main one is that pc starts up and runs fast but every two or three days doesnt boot has blank screen until I leave it 4 or 5 hours of the pc running then boots ok.Tried changing start up from fast option to normal, recovery options eg "startup repair" , sfc system file checker, windows 10 mbr & boot etc restore with lazersoft recovery suite,reverted nvidia graphics to Intel, swapped monitor. All to no avail even disabled windows updates with NovirusThanks tool few days ago but still did it and I use several virus tools & AV but always show pc clean. At wits end any advice appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 26 May 2019

lot of problems with new win 10 pc

If its new then take it back to where you bought it from.

None booting could be lots of things - is it completely dead when it non boots or do fans run any HDD noises?

  bromanz 11:55 26 May 2019

thanks for reply bought it few months ago & assumed it was win update or glich initially but problem getting worse over time. Trying to avoid hassle & expense of sending back to supplier as palicomp long distance from home. The pc is fully lit up in this state and fans working and black screen lightens but wont boot for up to 7 hours, any suggestions appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 26 May 2019

KEITH 1955I have a SSD in mine and a HDD

I can here there HDD start up as PSU powers it up giving me a clue that the PSU is working

  bromanz 16:56 26 May 2019

"so first I picked up on your comments about "several" virus tools , please list them , you should NEVER use more than one antivirus program"

Keith thanks for reply but been using pc's many years & pretty savvy Ive never used more than one av and tools are on demand scanners only, viz: mbam , zemana and EEK, av is avast with hardened mode.As stated I have swapped monitor & graphics & made no difference.I will contact supplier as a final resort but minded next to perhaps reset windows, run pc as bare bones with periphals removed and test ram ?. Id like to try & pin fault down to hardware as dont think supplier liable for windows gliches eg bad win updates , my software, drivers etc. Just hoping for suggestions on most likely causes that I can try and remedy.

  martd7 17:12 26 May 2019

Why not phone Palicomp up? They appear to be very reputable dealers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:04 28 May 2019

If its not completing post then ensure no USB or other peripherals plugged and and retry.

  lotvic 13:41 28 May 2019

Presumably you've done the basic, reseating of internal cables and components to rule out a loose connection?

  bromanz 10:55 29 May 2019

thanks for replies ,steps so far : checked connexions and ram sticks & cards seating all ok, reduced start ups to minimal ,unplugged peripherals. By chance found internet tip that having switched to fast start up mode should link to hibernation.On checking found this turned off - turned on. Early days but no boot failures since.

Will reconnect peripherals one at a time every couple days to see if any effect & failing these steps will reset windows as suggested.If problem persists will contact palicombe .Will update with outcome.

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