Windows 10 installation onto of Windows 7 Starter

  tallboy 08:16 25 Sep 2015

I have a 32-bit HP Netbook with Windows 7 Starter Edition installed on it. I primarily use it when on holiday (my main PC being a 64-bit desktop) but also to run one Windows XP program - PsiWin Backup (for my Psion Revo which I use every day).

To my surprise, Windows Starter is now 'inviting' me to download Windows 10. I haven't read anything in the press about a 'starter' edition of Windows 10. My questions are:

  1. Is advisable to upgrade the Starter edition of Windows 7 to Windows 10? If so, do I get a 'starter' edition of Windows 10 or a 'regular' 32-bit Windows 10?

  2. Is my XP program PsiWin backup still likely to work after upgrading the Netbook? (If not, I'll not be trying the upgrade!)

Any thoughts on this and info on upgrading Windows 7 Starter Edition would be most welcome.

  Govan1x 11:17 25 Sep 2015

I had windows Pro on W8.1 and it upgraded to W10 Home so not sure if it does that with everyone. The difference maybe is I did not use the Automatic update from Windows but downloaded it directly from Microsoft.

I would have though it should have installed the same version that I was using before, but not this time.

  Govan1x 11:30 25 Sep 2015

Think you need robin_x to give you a bit of advice on it as he seems to be well clued up.

Just Googling and I would probably say it is not compatible I don't think they could get it to work on W8 so probably will not work on W10.

But best waiting for advice from someone else that uses it.

  tallboy 11:59 25 Sep 2015

Thanks for all the posts. I'll contact Nick at PsionEx. He specialises in all things 'Psion', so may have already tried PsiWin on a 32-bit version of Windows 10.

I do know PsiWin won't work on a 64-bit version of Windows 7. I used to have it working OK on Virtual XP (under the 64-bit version of Windows 7). Will the virtual function of 64-bit Windows 10 Pro still support old XP programs? If so, I could try installing the virtual function of Windows 10 Pro and run it from there.

  Govan1x 13:01 25 Sep 2015

When I upgraded from W8.1 pro version I got W10 home edition does it say W10 pro on your upgrade.

  RoRyB 13:28 25 Sep 2015

I'd upgrade and see how it works. If you don't like it, you can downgrade your Windows within the month afer upgrading. Try it, it won't cost you a penny

  robin_x 20:20 25 Sep 2015

Thanks for the mention. I'm quite familiar with Psions of old (we used Series 3 to 7 at work as maintenance terminals).

I see no reason why PsiWin 32 bit shouldn't work if you stay on 32 bit.

But all sorts of things are fine or half working or not working with W10. Make full System Image before upgrade and it's easy to revert in case the MS Software won't.


I had problems with W10 Preview VMware Player Free and Virtualbox Free, but latest versions work OK for me.

It's another method of running old software. Of course you need License keys or you will be limited to 30 days for Windows.


Govan, if you want W10 Pro, you'll have to go back to W8.1 Pro and download W10 Pro and re-upgrade.

Again, make System Image first.

Also see W8.1 Media Creation Tool and W10 Media Creation Tool.

I suppose that might be half a day of faffing, or more if you have lots of Apps and personal stuff.

Note that making System Images is good practice anyway and shouldn't be counted as wasted time.

  tallboy 13:45 26 Sep 2015

The Operating System on my Desktop was originally 64-bit Windows 7 Pro. This has successfully upgraded to Windows 10 Pro (Product ID: 00330-8000-00000-AA330). I'll certainly make an image of my Netbook before I risk trying an upgrade on that! I'll also look into setting up a 32-bit Virtual machine on my desktop so I can run PsiWin from there. That will save me having to get my Netbook out the cupboard each time I need to back it up.

I understand from Nick at PsionEx that a chap called Fred Wellesley (anybody know him?) has successfully set up PsiWin on a 64-bit Windows 10. System. He must have used some sort of Virtual Machine as Org21.exe (part of PsiWin) will only run on a 32-bit machine. Nick doesn't say how he set his system up to do it.

  robin_x 16:24 26 Sep 2015

I haven't looked through these. You may have seen them.

The simple thing I would try is right-click psiwin exe and Properies > Compatibility > run as XP and also run as Admin.


If there is a method, someone will have found it.

I think I have only ever been defeated by trying to get Outlook 2000 working when W7 first came out.

Others have had problems with MS Money, but I've never looked into that.

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