Windows 10 Installation Stops Working after 5 mins

  Alan Swannack 14:11 08 Jul 2019

Hi. Bit the bullet and installed retail copy of Windows 10 home updating W7. Installation seemed to work but after 5 mins all mouse commands have no effect. Can’t shutdown except by switching pc off. Tried clean boot but still an issue. Tried Safeboot to check video and audio drivers but no updates offered. Any help appreciated I’ve basically busted my working machine by upgrading! Thanks.

  grumpy old man 15:52 08 Jul 2019

did you buy 10 from a local shop and do you have a laptop , if answer to both questions are yes then put on your lost puppy dog expression and go ask the shop to show you what they think you could be doing wrong.

  lotvic 19:15 08 Jul 2019

Installation seemed to work but after 5 mins all mouse commands have no effect

Is the keyboard also not responding? How long did you wait? PC could be busy downloading all the W10 updates.

  Alan Swannack 16:36 09 Jul 2019

Well I let in run for 4 hours but no change so turned off at power switch. I uninstalled the av earlier but then it got stuck restarting so had to power off again.

  lotvic 19:46 09 Jul 2019

I suggest you try without an internet connection. Unplug the Ethernet cable and boot up.

I uninstalled the av earlier but then it got stuck restarting

What happened, how did it get 'stuck'?

Was/is your Windows 7 home a Retail version? Where did you get the W10 retail Upgrade from?

You also have the option of going back to your W7, see click here

  Alan Swannack 20:29 09 Jul 2019

Thanks I will try that tomorrow. Both Windows versions were full retail.

  grumpy old man 21:43 09 Jul 2019

Hello Alan , lotvic could be right about updates , before I got pc's with windows 10 i rebooted a 7 to never used state , their were so many updates that I left the machine on overnight. You have to remember 10 was released in July 2015 so with regards to updates you have got a lot of catching up to do.

  Alan Swannack 17:51 10 Jul 2019

Thanks. I will try and let it run longer and see if it’s an updating issue.

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