Windows 10 fresh install which partition

  uavscrappy 12:23 26 Jan 2018

Hi I’m a student taking a database class and somehow someway installed Windows Server 2016 on to my laptop over Windows X. I have tried to get it back but it’s a no go. I’m at the point now where I installed Windows X on to a stick and I’m at the part where which partition it should go on. I wish I could post a pic but I have 4 partitions and on each one I get the yellow triangle with the exclamation point stating that I cannot install Windows on this partition.

Partition 1: ESP-Size 100mb free 46mb type system Partition 2: Size 16mb free 16mb type MSR (Reserved) Partition 3: Acer Size 237gb free 170gb type Primary Partition 4: Size 1gb free free 683mb type Recovery.

It gives me the option to Format or delete a partition so I guess the question is which one do I format and or delete and then how much would you recommend allocating for Windows? Thanks in advance for the help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 26 Jan 2018

I'd be tempted to delete all patitions and start from scratch.

Windows 10 will create

  1. a system reserve partition approx 350Mb (contains boot configuration files)
  2. a C: drive where windows is installed
  3. a recovery drive containing the recovery menu and tools

1 and 3 will be hidden showing no drive letters but 3. will show as x: drive when the recovery menu is accessed.

When you have sorted it to your own needs I suggest you download and use Macrium Reflect Free to make an image of the drive to an external source and the recovery media. That way you can restore windows in just a few minutes.

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