Windows 10 free update saving for later

  johndrew 14:39 11 Nov 2015

It is possible this question has been asked previously but I have been unable to find it.

MS have offered me the update from W7 Pro to W10 Pro but, for the moment I have no wish to install it and may wish to install it on a different PC anyway.

As a result I have two specific questions:

  1. Can W10 Pro be downloaded as a disk image and if so from where?
  2. If I updated over W 7 now then W 10 would automatically be activated; can this activation (Poduct ID) be saved and used for the future on another PC?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  alanrwood 16:39 11 Nov 2015

The Win 10 activation will only be applicable to the machine you updated. The license is not transferable to any other machine. You would need to buy a new license.

The iso can be downloaded from several sources but that would not do you any good as it would not activate if installed on another machine.

MS are giving you a free UPDATE for an existing machine not a free install of Win 10 to anything you may buy in the future after the free offer ends next July.

If you want to install it on another machine then if iot already has Win7 or * on it it will be updated as you would already have a valid license for it.

  johndrew 14:29 12 Nov 2015

Many thanks for your help.

  johndrew 14:29 12 Nov 2015

Many thanks for your help.

  alanrwood 15:28 12 Nov 2015

You are most welcome.

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