Windows 10 file backups, etc. with multiple users.

  Siberian Winter 22:59 14 Dec 2015

I've recently upgraded to Windows 10, and I'm finding the backup process quite confusing. With Windows 7 it was simple enough. I took a system image on a 2TB external drive once a week or so. With 10 I took a system image using the control panel, but how does that tie in with this 'file history' carry-on? I can back up my files, but I have to select automatic backups to allow that. I don't want automatic backups, I just want to make a manual backup every week or so. I don't want my backup drive running all the time. If I make a system image, do I even need to do a separate file backup? Then there's the multiple user question. Do individual users need to make their own file backups? I've read a number of online articles, but none of them really explain it. They tell you where to click, but not exactly what it is you'd be doing and why you'd want to do that, or how the different backups tie in together. If there's something out there which explains it without assuming I'm an IT professional I'd be grateful for a few pointers. Thanks.

  robin_x 00:10 15 Dec 2015

I only make System Images (using Macrium Reflect Free).

If I want just some files or folders, I Mount the Image (by double clicking it)

I don't use MS Windows System Images, Backups or File History. I find they are more trouble than they are worth and not reliable or efficient, in my experience.


Seeing as you don't want your backup drive connected all the time, maybe your users can make their own extra arrangements locally or to Cloud Accounts.

Easeus Todo Backup Free might be useful to them.

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