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Windows 10 (Explorer(both)) how to ?

  Micky52 21:39 11 Jan 2018

Just HAD to switch to W10 because of a purchase that came with W10 installed. I was using XP, and now HAVE to use this %%[email protected]$#@%^ program that is so bad, Microsoft is loosing points in my book with this mess. to the point... -I am trying to find a photo in explorer, but it wont list them as thumbnail as before. Is it possible or what?

Why can't we have an easy and fairly good looking explorer(both) as before. I have the Pro version and it is sickening how this program (W10) is low grade compare to XP. And not user friendly. Sorry but it has to come out before I brake something.

  AroundAgain 23:46 11 Jan 2018

Seeing as you have jumped from XP to Windows 10, then I'm not surprised you're finding it very different. However, Windows 10 is FINE so please just chill a bit and allow yourself time to find your way around. You might even gain some insight watching some Windows 10 tutorials on YouTube ... There are also some very good books available which you could work through to learn about Windows 10. This OS is more comprehensive than previous systems so there is a lot to learn.

Regarding your question about thumbnails in File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer), just take a look at the bottom right of the File Explorer window and you will see two small icons. One is for listing the contents; the other is for a small thumbnail. Just click one or other to change the view. Further choice of viewing in thumbnails or larger can be seen if you click on VIEW to see the 'Ribbon' and in the section labelled 'Layout' you can take your choice.

You are also able to have the 'Ribbon' displayed all the time, or only when clicking 'Home/Share/View' by clicking on a tiny/feint '^', or inverted, on the extreme right from Home/Share/View, next to the blue 'Help' icon

I hope that helps to get you started. Please post back to let us know if you have solved your query and perhaps also tick as 'resolved'


  Micky52 17:51 12 Jan 2018

Hi AA, Thanks for your quick reply, After trying out your solution, I realized I described my problem with the wrong words... What I meant was not Thumbnails(Windows logo kind of) but actual preview. I have hundreds of photos that I have to look through and as you know, they are all numbered. Before you could actually see the photo in the list. Thanks Micky52

  AroundAgain 18:22 12 Jan 2018

In that case, my reply is in my previous post. Open 'View' and click on 'Large' or 'Extra Lage' etc OR click the 'PREVIEW' button on the same ribbon.

I think you have to experiment a bit and check what is available on the 'Ribbon'.

  BRYNIT 18:56 12 Jan 2018

A quick search of the web and you can find answer to most thing CLICK HERE How to customize File Explorer in Windows 10.

  Micky52 19:53 12 Jan 2018

Hi Guys, It works, Thanks Brynit and AroundAgain. The solution was in: -Folder Options, View, Files and Folders, and then I unchecked "Always show Icons, never thumbnails"

GREAT, Thanks, I appreciate very much. But I have another concern, I have checked every box for "allow" and I still cannot save a common TXT file (Notepad), it tells me all the time that I dont have permission. VERY FRUSTRATING. I will keep on checking this link BRYNIT. Thanks Micky52

  AroundAgain 19:57 12 Jan 2018

Well done Micky

Maybe something here will help?

click here

  BRYNIT 20:58 12 Jan 2018

"I have checked every box for "allow" and I still cannot save a common TXT file (Notepad), it tells me all the time that I don't have permission"

A little more information would help. Did you created these text files in windows XP and are now using them in win 10 if so you could try selecting save as and renaming them.

  Micky52 18:48 14 Jan 2018

Hi Guys, BRYNIT, Yes I have created this text file from w10, but after playing arround, It finally worked. Thanks a lot anyway. I really have to read more from this site you pointed out, Really what annoyes me the most is the lack of contour of windows, when stacked over each other, the contour is hard to see. Plus this search business is annoying, I cannot get it to stop, if you try to sort a field (ex:File name or Creation date) it re-scans the entire location. This seams to me counterproductive and long. You would think that the result of that search would be in a buffer and it could resort then in a second!! I appreciate your inputs. Thanks Micky

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