Windows 10 and Edge have reset

  wee eddie 11:13 01 Feb 2017

1st February. When I turned my PC on, The Login Screen had changed. When I logged in, Edge had reset and all my Favourites had gone. This has happened before so I have been backing up in another Browser, Chrome. Unfortunately this appears to be corrupted.

Any ideas on how to recapture my Edge Favourites will be welcome

  wee eddie 11:41 01 Feb 2017

I have been able to import a 14 month old set of Favourites from IE 11, obviously not ideal but better than nothing

I am still looking to try to find the up-to-date set of Edge Favourites.

Any ideas are welcome. I have a back-up, using NTI Shadow on an External Drive (done on Sunday, when all was well) and another on a NAS Drive (which backs-up continuously, at least twice a day, so is very likely corrupted as well), also using NTI Shadow.

I don't think that malware is involved. I think that it is a W10 problem, which is why I have posted the problem here.

Just in case anyone is wanting to know. I'm running Kaspersky IS 2017 and ran CCleaner and Malwarebytes on Sunday

  Burn-it 15:41 01 Feb 2017

Did not the latest update do some work on Edge??

  wee eddie 16:21 01 Feb 2017

It seems to be related to the change of picture on my 'Log In' Page.

This is not my Desktop Background but the page that appears, at Start-up, for me to enter my password, which I set up when I had builders in the house.

  Govan1x 06:56 02 Feb 2017

wee eddie

you will find that what you are getting is Microsoft trying to take over your account.

The only way out is to go to control panel, user accounts. You should see two accounts there one for you and one for Microsoft.

What you want to do is delete the Microsoft account.

You will find that it is not that easy because when you reboot you it will try and open as the microsoft account again.

As you sign in to your account I do not think there is a way out of that. But as i don't sign in and have disabled the welcome screen I have to click onto my account for it to open then go to settings , Accounts, Sign in. And when it shows when a computer wakes up from sleep, Click on never.

That way I still do not have to sign in and I dont have to bother with the Microsoft account.

Now that's the way I do it but not sure how you would do it if you still have to sign in.

All I can say is Microsoft is running your computer start up now hence the changes.

Talk about big brother watching you.

  wee eddie 11:55 02 Feb 2017

Good try, but there is only my Account there. It would like me to create a Microsoft Account

I have two Microsoft email addresses and actually have a Microsoft Account but haven't told this PC yet!

Many thanks for your thoughts

  Govan1x 13:03 02 Feb 2017

It happened to me yesterday there were 2 accounts in my name but one of them was Microsoft's and it also had administrative rights.

Started the same as yours and went straight in to an open Edge page etc. Plus the new start on it I thought that I had been hacked.

I would have another good look around user accounts just to make sure.

Then I suppose if you have a couple of e-mail accounts on it the last thing you want to do is delete it.

I think we will get a few more enquires about this before long. If you cant remember your Email password I can see a lot of folk getting locked out of there computers.

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