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Windows 10 download so slow !

  iscanut 15:31 04 Aug 2015

I have started the download but it it has only reached 4% in 3 hours My download speed is around 14mbps but this isn't reaching anywhere near that. Has anyone else taken so long to down load. If interrupt it,will it pick up where I left off. I will have to leave it on all night at this rate.

  BT 17:28 04 Aug 2015

Took mine over 5 hours from start to finish on my Virgin 100mbs BB.

  morddwyd 20:32 04 Aug 2015

Mine took from 1.00pm to 11.00pm. I think the download servers are only just coping.

  BT 07:54 05 Aug 2015

Out of interest when did you all get your download. I got the notification on Tuesday and downloaded it that night. I understood it was supposed to be available from Midnight on Wednesday (US Time I assume)which should have been about 8 hours later her.

  iscanut 14:05 05 Aug 2015

My download was on updates yesterday and took over 12 hours to download. My speed was showing as 13mbps but it was a lot slower than that. Have just started to install so fingers are crossed. Still have a laptop and tablet to fall back on.

  iscanut 15:47 05 Aug 2015

All finished installing Win 10 with no problems at all apart from one that I thought would crop up. Microsoft Money is the culprit. When opening, I get a dialog box stating " ..Money requires IE 6 to function. Please re-install IE6 so that these components can be added" Has anyone any idea of a work around this. It obviously does not like Edge ! I can run it on my laptop running Vista but would like to continue with it on the desktop.

  lotvic 16:30 05 Aug 2015

I'm a bit late responding, but I did wonder about this WUDO peer2peer that is enabled by default on W10. Thought that might be why you were having such a slow download. Details "Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It" click here You may wish to tweak this setting once you have installed W10

  iscanut 16:55 05 Aug 2015

Thanks lotvic, will have a look at the setting next time I am on.

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