Windows 10 - DNS issues - Isolated to 1 PC

  wvke 14:49 01 Jun 2019

Hi All,

I hope one of you can help me as I have come to the end of my knowledge.


Single Windows 10 computer on the network has constant network disconnects. Issue seems to be related to DNS not being resolved. Event ID 1014 (dns server not responding) alligns with the failure. Sometimes Event ID 10002 (WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped.) is present as well. Issue is consistent across all browsers, established connections seem to keep working e.g. Discord call. Issue has been occuring in current and last house so across different routers.

Network Hardware: NIC: TP-Link 802.11ac Current Router: Virgin Media Super hub 3 Wifi extender: netgear ex6000

Software: NordVPN Avast

Troubleshooting done so far:

Disabled IPV6 -> no result Flushdns -> Seems to work for a short period of time Set different dns manuall -> no result Wireless connection direct to router -> no result Disabled all other adapters -> No result Nordvpn enabled --> Issue hasn't occured yet while enabled verified driver is up to date Turned of Windows Update Peer-to-peer feature

I might have tried more over the months but acnnot think of it. I hope one of you has some more suggestions

Thanks in advance

  wvke 20:36 01 Jun 2019

Connecting an ethernet cable isn't an option at the moment. I could potentially get a tp power link and try ethernet that way. I know in the past I tried with a dongle and that worked fine, so it might be a dodgy driver. Any way of fixing this? does rolling back make sense ?

further steps tried :

Power settings to max Issue occured with nordvpn as well

  wvke 21:00 01 Jun 2019

The dongle resolved a networking issue, if it was the same or not I can't be sure. But it might indicate the driver as you said.

The advertisement was not intentional, it seemed relevant

  x13 22:38 01 Jun 2019

Using a VPN would be relevant. Check your VPN's settings and stop it starting with Windows. Reboot and see if the same issue applies. If not then start your VPN.

  wvke 21:14 06 Jun 2019

So I ran it in safe mode for a few hours and didn't seem to have any issues, how would I go about isolating the issue ?

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