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Windows 10 Desktop, no cursor

  anniesboy68 11:08 23 May 2017

After a considerable amount of trouble I have managed to get [I assume} a clean re install. However, the problem is that there is no cursor so I am unable to do anything more. The desktop is clear other than the recycle bin showing so I am assuming it is a new installation. As I have said there is no cursor. Can any one help on this, please?? How can I get into safe mode??

  Govan1x 11:33 23 May 2017

Use the up down buttons on the keyboard to move around.Or if a laptop use a USB mouse till you can download all the drivers required.

If a Desktop you will might need a PS2 Mouse to get into safe mode.

  anniesboy68 14:32 23 May 2017

Cannot use anything, no mouse [no cursor] There is just the recycle bin, Up and down arrows will not shift anything

  emma02 13:46 24 May 2017

Please be more clear with your question.It would be of great help if you answer the following query.

Have you tried plugging in any other mouse?. (Try using USB mouse rather than using PS2)

For booting in safe mode,

Try switching off the desktop by pressing the power button while booting and eventually it will show you a screen asking whether you want to start your windows normally or to boot in safe mode.

I don't think it is caused because of a missing driver or a virus because you formatted it clean. So, booting in safe mode won't help.

Kindly reply back so that i can help.

  anniesboy68 15:25 24 May 2017

Thanks for the reply and interest. Yes I have tried with a usb mouse. And tried all you suggest, and through trial and error I manage [a] to get back to a screen asking various questions [blue page with white lettering] and [b] got to a corrupt safe mode with still no cursor. It even did a re install last night [again a few hours] but to no avail, still the same problem . I have also had a screen up saying no repair can be done. I have given up on this now and have purchased [rightly or wrongly a Windows 7 operating disk. I'm not too worried about windows 10 I already have a new Dell laptop with win 10 on it. So thanks again for your suggestions. anniesboy68

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