Windows 10, desktop icons, TOO LARGE.

  julius44 11:09 29 Sep 2015

Hello and good morning to you all. I need some urgent assistance please. I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 about 5 weeks ago, and I have a desktop pc its 64bit. I upgraded with no problems whatsoever, and I actually have now gotten used to windows 10. I also have iobit driver updater on my desktop, so yesterday I scanned the desktop, and it said 3 drivers were out of date, I think one of them could have also been my graphics card driver but not too sure.

Anyway I updated the drivers as requested, then I noticed that ALL my desktop icons, folders, etc, they no longer fit perfectly on the desktop. so my desktop now is an absolute mess, they are all now TOO LARGE, and webpages are too large also. I have gone on some forums, and they said right click on the desktop, go to view, then small icons, BUT they are still all too large!!!! my desktop is now completely full, and it looks a total mess!!! I really need help to sort this out. Prior to this they were all neat and tidy, and there was loads of extra space on the desktop.

Any help/solutions would be much appreciated. I need to sort this out asap. many thanks Jules

  Govan1x 11:13 29 Sep 2015

Go into device manager and see if you can roll back the graphics driver.

  julius44 11:26 29 Sep 2015

How would I be able to do this please @Govan1x??? I'm not too sure how to this please. So any advice would be much appreciated

  xania 12:36 29 Sep 2015

This works in W7 - should be the same for W10

Click anywhere on desktop and select Screen resolution. Now change your settings to the highest possible. Your screen will change for a test and you can select to go back or accept the revision. Find the best setting for your monitor and graphics card.

  onthelimit1 14:47 29 Sep 2015

If you want to try the driver rollback, type device manager in the search box. Open dev Man fro control panel. Expand Display Adaptor. Right click the adaptor. Click the driver tab. There you will be able to roll back.

As a general rule, I don't attempt to update drivers unless I have a problem - they usually cause more problems than they cure!

  Ventad 17:02 29 Sep 2015

To change size of desktop icons:-

Right click desktop point to view, click on large, medium or small icons

  dal987 14:14 30 Sep 2015

In Win 10, Windows maintains the drivers. The use of driver updater programs is strongly discouraged. Graphics drivers can be particularly problematic.

Driver rollback as stated should be the right solution. Note that using System Restore would also work, but driver rollback is targeted and specific. Also system restore is disabled by default in Win 10 for the first time.

I also strongly recommend using regular disk imaging so you can easily go back to a working situation, as well as having a backup. Macrium Reflect, Aomei Backupper (both free). You need backup storage of course- USB drive e.g.

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