Windows 10 Desktop Freezing upon Right-Click

  Dilly Jay 13:32 29 Apr 2017

The problem started a day ago, I tried running a game of mine (which I run regularly worry-free) but this time it booted on my Second Monitor in 600x400. I tried quitting to change my resolution but the game just froze on the foreground so when I booted task manager it was stuck behind it. I moved the window to the correct monitor via shortcuts band tried to close the games .exe but the window just wouldn't close. I restarted my PC and all was well, except that my second monitor was still in 600x400 so I right clicked on my desktop to access Intel Display Settings and the entire desktop froze. The taskbar and any windows explorer windows would continue to operate without a problem but on the desktop it was stuck on the loading cursor and clicking on anything on it did nothing. I restarted windows explorer, which set it back to normal but right clicking would always freeze the desktop, but clicking on files when not frozen worked even right clicking a desktop file wouldn't freeze it, but only the desktop itself. I thought it to be a weird glitch so I shut down my PC as it was getting late, and went to bed. This morning I woke up and the problem is still happening no matter how many times I restart. I tried a running a scan in PowerShell, which some people suggested but it came up blank and didn't fix my issue and all other people I've found appear to be encountering a different problem entirely. Some people said they had to reinstall windows but that's not an option for me as my PC came pre-built with it's operating system already installed.

Thanks for reading.

  Forum Editor 17:25 29 Apr 2017

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  bumpkin 20:33 29 Apr 2017

My win10 frequently freezes for no apparent reason. I have asked here and other places. Never had an answer that worked including a re-install. As many others don't have this I can only assume that it is hardware related.

  Dilly Jay 16:56 30 Apr 2017

After searching for a fix for multiple hours I gave up and continued using my PC. Today I woke up and checked for updates and surely enough there was a new version. Upon installing I noticed the error was no longer occurring. Have no idea why.

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