Windows 10: can't open html files from pendrive

  DanielStephens 15:25 19 Aug 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I can't open html files stored on an external pendrive. The files are the originals of a website. Other sorts of files don't seem to be affected The online versions of the web pages work fine, and copies made from the pendrive to my hard drive will open fine too. But if I click on the originals on the pendrive I just get a blank browser window (Edge) or my usual homepage (Chrome). I've tested this with two different pendrives to see if the pendrive could have developed a fault, but with the same result, no webpage, just a blank browser window or my usual homepage. I've tested the pendrives on a non-windows 10 computer, on which they work fine - clicking the icon opens the file in my usual browser. Is there something obvious I'm missing? Any suggestions welcome!

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