Windows 10 cannot reach

  johntrasler 17:46 23 Jun 2017

On my Windows 10 PC, no browser or app can reach This is true even with the Firewall turned off. Firefox says "Unable to Connect" Plex says "Timeout connecting to server" Edge says "Hmm, we can't reach this page" This is a new PC, so as far as I know it has never been possible to do this.

  BRYNIT 18:58 23 Jun 2017

For an answer have a look at CLICK HERE or do a search for 127.0.1

  BRYNIT 18:59 23 Jun 2017

Missed a 0 Should have typed do a search for

  alanrwood 09:38 24 Jun 2017

It is a bottomless pit into which any data sent to it disappears forever. A data black hole.

  lotvic 12:34 25 Jun 2017

Not just Windows 10. Please enlighten us as to why you were trying to go to (maybe someone was pranking you?)

  lotvic 14:53 25 Jun 2017

I think johntrasler would have more luck using a command window to ping his network card (if no local web server has been set up on that pc). More indepth info click here

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