Windows 10 to Buffalo Linkstation

  mattyn1 18:10 11 May 2018

I need help guys. Yesterday all was working fine - Windows 10 PC connected to Buffalo Linkstation LS220 via homeplugs. I use the Linkstation to store movies etc which can then be played on Plex via Apple Tv/Amazon Firestick/Ipads etc. The Plex Server App runs on the PC . I have shared folders on the Linkstation that are mapped to drive letters on the PC - these then were used to link to plex. Like I said all was good yesterday.

Now today I had red crosses through the mapped drive icons on "This PC". Resetting (switching on and off) of the homeplug, PC and Linkstation made no difference. However I can see the Linkstation through the NAS Navigator App running on the PC, I can view files, play movies etc.

So I disconnected the mapped drives and tried to reconnect. Sometimes when browsing for the drive to map, the PC sees nothing. Other times it will see LS220DA05 (the Linkstation) but when I select it to see the shared folders, it gives me the following message:

"Windows cannot access \LS220DA05 Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose

error 0x80070035

Now, when I click diagnose, it comes up with nothing. The name is 100% correct. So can anyone help me diagnose. I have tried mapping with my AV and FW turned off, and still get the same issue.

Help is most appreciated!

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