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Windows 10 broken (PC won't boot)

  adam1lake 20:18 09 Apr 2018

Earlier I was installing two new fans into my PC (custom built). Before this, it worked completely normally. After however, the PC wouldn't load further than the BIOS (the motherboard loading screen). Instead of opening windows where you would usually log in, winpeshl.exe opened.

So far I've loaded the windows USB tool and used the troubleshooting tools to attempt a fix. I can browse files on the hard drive which tells me that isn't the problem. Some of the tools like restoring windows don't work because it says that "To use system restore, you must specify which Windows installation to restore. Restart this computer, select an operating system, and then select System Restore". If I knew what this meant, that would be helpful.

Using the command prompt on the windows troubleshooting tool, it can detect the version of Windows on the C drive but can't detect it for the system restore?

Thanks for the help.

  wee eddie 20:30 09 Apr 2018

Simple things first.

Check that, not only have you connected everything to the correct voltage connection, but also, that you have not accidentally dislodged any other connection

  adam1lake 21:16 09 Apr 2018

I've checked over each of the plugs/pins on the motherboard and not noticed any problems apart from the HD Audio cable which might be damaged, but I'm assuming that's irrelevant. I may have missed something but everything looks fine to me. Any suggestions?

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