Windows 10 backup not running to schedule

  john bunyan 20:37 05 Apr 2019

I have a micro SD card in a slot in my laptop ( D Drive). Via Settings /Update and Security/Backup I set up Backup to this SD for my Data files. I ran a manual backup which ran well. I left the repeat backups to default (every hour etc). The schedules did not run. Before a recent motherboard failure, this feature ran, and little notifications would appear from time to time. Google had various suggestions, including running VSS on Auto (It was on manual, I believe the default) . However, Google suggested leaving VSS on auto was not recommended. I do other, irregular backups of data with Freefilesynch, and images with Macrium, but would like to get the windows backup to work. Any views?

  john bunyan 20:58 05 Apr 2019

I have now set VSS to run on auto (delayed start) to see how it goes. Incidentally on my desktop I had a Macrium failure that had to do with VSS but in Macrium Tools there was a fix.

  john bunyan 12:31 06 Apr 2019

Any views on whether to set VSS to auto or manual? ( Windows 10v 1809)

  john bunyan 16:54 06 Apr 2019

No replies. Will persist with Google but still not sure if VSS needs to be on automatic for restore points to be run on updates, or for auto backup

  john bunyan 17:06 06 Apr 2019

Google / Macrium gives an answers quicker than here. For Macrium Reflect users, see

Macrium and VSS

  x13 23:40 06 Apr 2019

Windows backups are notoriously 'iffy' and always have been. Wonder why you use it JB as you have MR pro?

Possible problem is that you are using too many backups Apps that are trying to back up a back up app that's backing up your data while the other one is running to backup all that's going on. I don't know. If you didn't have a super machine then it would be dead in the water through CPU exhaustion in my very humble opinion.

  john bunyan 08:40 07 Apr 2019


Thanks for a great reply. For backups I do manual weekly MR images, and manual Freefilesynch mirror copies of data. As far as I know there are no updates running except for MBAM Premium. I just thought it handy to use the Windows backups to the micro SD. It worked before the motherboard failure. Hope that’s not what caused it! I think that MR needs VSS to be running. Cheers !

  x13 10:01 07 Apr 2019

I'm sure you've seen this that gives some helpful troubleshooting guide. If not then worth a look.

  john bunyan 10:15 07 Apr 2019

Thanks again. Will look when home. Out at the mo on a brush up on driving. In my”dotage “ thought I would do an Advanced Motoring course on the basis that you’re never too old to learn!

  john bunyan 18:59 07 Apr 2019


I followed the link and did as it said. Will see how it goes. Thanks again; this was quite complicated so there have been few other responders. Will green tick for now

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