Windows 10 back to Windows 7

  Sapins 15:13 07 Aug 2015

I have had enough of 10 and at this moment I am reverting to 7, reverting is the only thing that is doing what it is supposed to do. I may try again when the bugs are ironed out.

  tullie 18:25 07 Aug 2015

Funny how some people have problems and some dont.I have none.

  Pine Man 18:40 07 Aug 2015

I gave it two days before returning to from Windows 10 to Windows 7. A breath of fresh air...for the time being.

My household used to have two Windows PCs. We now have one Mac and one PC. If Windows 10 is anything to go by we will soon be a two Mac household!

  Al94 20:21 07 Aug 2015

I am blown away with how good Windows 10 is, Edge is a fantastic speedy browser and the accuracy of Cortana is simply amazing. Wouldn't dream of going back to W7.

  Sapins 08:49 08 Aug 2015

Now Windows 7 has, up to now, spent over 30 minutes "looking for updates" Is there any fix for this?

  Sapins 08:57 08 Aug 2015

Pine Man we are nearly the same as you, 1 Mac, 1 Windows desktop ( my wife's) 1 Laptop which I upgraded! to Windows 10 to check it out. Very disappointed with 10, I am seriously thinking about getting a Mac Laptop and ditching Windows altogether, the Windows laptop is on the way out and I will have to decide how to replace it anyway.

  Newuser2 09:11 08 Aug 2015

10 completely screwed up my PC, I had to take it to a tech shop to get it back to 7. I'm going to avoid 10 like the plague for at loeast 6 months. The tech guys told me to wait until the bugs are sorted on 10.

  robin_x 10:22 08 Aug 2015

Backup before any major changes is always the key, but not just your files and folders, the whole bally system.

It's known as a System Image and compresses and copies absolutely everything on your hard drive to another hard drive (usually USB external)

In the event of problems, the System Image is easily restored as if nothing had happened.

Tutorial and suggested software (Macrium Free) here.

It's also a good way of making regular backups, eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly, since nothing is forgotten.

It is also possible to Mount a System Image to copy just a few files and folders, rather than doing a Full Restore. 1]: [click here

  Forum Editor 10:24 08 Aug 2015

"Funny how some people have problems and some dont.I have none."

It has been that way with every single Windows release since Windows 95.

I have Windows 10 running on six different machines, and I haven't encountered a single problem, apart from one very minor issue with file permissions. Perhaps I've been lucky.

In my opinion Windows 10 is far and away the best Windows version yet.

  tullie 10:27 08 Aug 2015

I agree FE

  Pine Man 10:48 08 Aug 2015

It's always going to be difficult for Microsoft Windows operating systems to work for everyone. The main issue is that Windows don't make PCs. Lots of companies make them to different specifications with all sorts of different hardware, which Windows has to try and cater for. Apple make their own computers and then make the operating system to suit so they have a distinct advantage.

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