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Windows 10 1909 update fails to complete

  tallboy 15:49 04 Dec 2019

I have just installed the latest Windows update on our 64-bit Dell Inspiron desktop. According to the system info, the PC is now 1909 Build 18.363.476 although the date of installation is given as 24/06/19 (before this update was released!) rather than today's date of 04/12/19.

Whilst the PC appears to run OK, when you open up settings the Windows Update window is blank & non-responsive (all the other settings function appear to work) and there are orange dots by the Power Off functions which say to Update & Shutdown or Update & Restart. I have tried both, but when the PC restarts the dots are still there. I have also tried running the Update Trouble Shoooter to fix the problem, but that get stuck on 'Checking for Pending Restart'.

Hopefully someone will know how to fix this annoying problem which will obviously block further updates from being loaded on the PC. (As the Windows Update window is non-responsive.)

  tallboy 19:28 10 Dec 2019

Yes, I know! Right now none of the Settings windows display anything! (i.e. Blank blue settings window). Not sure what has caused that; everything else seems to work. Any ideas for a fix? I'll do a few searches, but if I don't find an answer in an hour or so, I'll go back to the Windows image I made this morning before the updates roll in.

  wee eddie 19:36 10 Dec 2019

Tallboy, you're full of contradictions.

"I don't go searching for updates; I just wait until it is my PC's 'turn' to be updated. I run an update search on the Wednesday or Thursday after each 'patch Tuesday'"

  tallboy 19:57 10 Dec 2019

Wee eddie: I'm referring to security patches - not major updates - which, more often than not, have bugs when they are first released.

  wee eddie 23:29 10 Dec 2019

tallboy: You're cooking your own goose.

Relax, they'll come when your PC is selected. No wonder you have problems

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