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Windows 10 1909 update fails to complete

  tallboy 15:49 04 Dec 2019

I have just installed the latest Windows update on our 64-bit Dell Inspiron desktop. According to the system info, the PC is now 1909 Build 18.363.476 although the date of installation is given as 24/06/19 (before this update was released!) rather than today's date of 04/12/19.

Whilst the PC appears to run OK, when you open up settings the Windows Update window is blank & non-responsive (all the other settings function appear to work) and there are orange dots by the Power Off functions which say to Update & Shutdown or Update & Restart. I have tried both, but when the PC restarts the dots are still there. I have also tried running the Update Trouble Shoooter to fix the problem, but that get stuck on 'Checking for Pending Restart'.

Hopefully someone will know how to fix this annoying problem which will obviously block further updates from being loaded on the PC. (As the Windows Update window is non-responsive.)

  Govan1x 20:01 04 Dec 2019

Check that the date and time is set correctly and also check the bios time.

  tallboy 22:19 04 Dec 2019

Thanks for the prompt post Govan1x. I have checked both the time & date in Windows 10 & in the Dell BIOS; both are correct.

Any other suggestions as to a fix?

  Govan1x 23:53 04 Dec 2019

maybe go into Services and make sure Windows Time is set to automatic and is running. Do the same with Windows update. See if that makes any difference.

Or try running cmd as administrator and type in sfc /scannow see if that finds any corrupt files and fixes them.

  Govan1x 00:01 05 Dec 2019

In Settings. date and time. Mine is set to Set the time automatically.

And underneath that Set the time zone to automatically

maybe check that yours is the same.

  tallboy 16:34 05 Dec 2019

Hi again Govan1x. At your suggestion, I ran sfc /scannow, but preceded this by running chkdsk /r /f. No errors were reported. I then went into Services and checked Windows Time. This was running & set to Automatic. However, when I checked Windows Update, this was set to Manual. I changed the setting of this to Automatic & hey-presto, all was fixed! Heavens knows how it got into a manual setting, but many thanks for your suggestion.

  Govan1x 23:39 05 Dec 2019

Glad you have it sorted now.Hope it stays that way.

  wee eddie 15:54 06 Dec 2019

I find it somewhat difficult to understand this mad rush to install Windows Updates.

Hang around and when it is ready for you, it will arrive> in the meantime it will have checked whether it is ready to suit your PC and, if necessary, been adjusted

  lotvic 20:33 06 Dec 2019

The Windows Update Orchestrator on your PC checks the Microsoft Update server or your WSUS endpoint for new updates at random intervals. The randomization ensures that the Windows Update server isn't overloaded with requests all at the same time. The Update Orchestrator searches only for updates that have been added since the last time updates were searched, allowing it to find updates quickly and efficiently.

When checking for updates, the Windows Update Orchestrator evaluates whether the update is appropriate for your computer using guidelines defined by the publisher of the update...

How Windows Update works click here

  tallboy 22:40 07 Dec 2019

Thanks for the suggestion mrgrumpy. I'll bear it in mind if I have any more trouble with updates. I don't go searching for updates; I just wait until it is my PC's 'turn' to be updated. I run an update search on the Wednesday or Thursday after each 'patch Tuesday' but that's more to get any critical updates than trying to get the latest 'gizzmos' from Microsoft. I haven't used half of the new 'gizzmos' in the last couple of major update versions yet!

  Govan1x 19:17 10 Dec 2019

More Windows updates tonight tallboy. lets see if it still works.

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