Windows 10 1803 install issue

  wescliff 10:25 07 May 2018

Installed the update on my desktop without issue, so tried on my laptop.After 8 hours it hadn't moved off 15%,so I killed it and restarted. Laptop took ages to reboot and was completely unresponsive. Rebooted again with no difference. No choice but to take it back to factory settings (Windows 8). Installed Windows 10 1803 with an ISO which went fine until final reboot when it aborted and went back to Win8 with a sysrep error. At present trying again. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas, should I forget this update and install 1709,I still have an ISO for this. Grateful for any advice.

  wescliff 11:36 07 May 2018

Please ignore this, second attempt worked fine.

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