Window 7 Samsung N220

  natbailey61 00:45 27 Dec 2011

Hi, I have a serious problem with a recovery which did not solve the problem. I now have no internet the screen is wrong the icons and programs have disappeared and I just cannot use the computer anymore. can someone let me know if I can recover the system by running the program in safe mode or how can I recover the system to to yesterday's setting. Thank you for you help.

  KRONOS the First 02:40 27 Dec 2011

If you can get into safe mode then it should be possible to run system restore from there. If you do manage to get into safe mode you'll be asked if you would rather do a system restore,save you having to look for it.

  natbailey61 10:26 27 Dec 2011

Hi Chronus

Thank you for the reply but the safe mode is not loading properly either, so. I was thinking that if I could type a command in MS dos, I could it that way.

Thank you

  KRONOS the First 11:03 27 Dec 2011

You would need to be able to start Windows 7 in safe mode with command prompt then type rstrui.exe, and then press ENTER.

You can also try this method: restore.

  northumbria61 13:44 27 Dec 2011

There are 4 posts open on this problem one of which I have just added to before making the discovery.

  northumbria61 13:46 27 Dec 2011

Take a look here (scroll down) for instructions enter link description here

  natbailey61 20:09 27 Dec 2011

Hi there,

I could not see what I was meant to do, I cannot download anything

thank you

  rdave13 07:36 28 Dec 2011

If you have the Samsung Recovery Solution III then some info here, link

  natbailey61 17:14 28 Dec 2011

Window Thank you for your helps, but unfortunately 7 is not loading properly and therefore I cannot access date to restore to previous dateas it does not load window properly. Is there anyway I can install Window 7 again without a cd or dvd but from the computer hard drive if that makes sense. Window is loading but it is unusable.

thank you in advance

  rdave13 17:34 28 Dec 2011

As in my previous link you should be able to keep tapping the F4 key on start-up to get to the recovery window.

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