Window 10 never shuts down - for long time

  tallboy 11:15 03 May 2018

For the past week or so, my 64-bit Windows 10 desktop is taking for ever to shut down. Last night I timed it as 8 mins 15 seconds! Inevitably, I resort to switching off the power after waiting a reasonable amount of time for all the applications to stop running and Windows to do most of the shut-down process. I have turned off Fast Startup (which ironically appears to cause most people's shut down problems) but that didn't fix it. Is someone sneakily using my PC to do remote Bitcoin mining without my knowledge? Any ideas as to how I fix this problem would be most welcome.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:33 09 May 2018

Any suggestions as to what tool(s) to use to identify what's holding the shut-down back when my external drive is connected Secret-Squirrel?

Process Explorer may help. You can download it from here. It doesn't need installing.

Make sure that your drive is connected then launch Process Explorer (by double-clicking the procexp64 icon for 64-bit Windows). Click its "Find" menu then choose "Find handle or DLL". Type the drive letter for your external drive into the search box (F: for example), click the "Search" button and all processes that have a handle on the drive should be displayed below.

I run Malwarebytes regularly and that hasn't thrown up any problems.

I've never suspected a malware problem.

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