Window 10 never shuts down - for long time

  tallboy 11:15 03 May 2018

For the past week or so, my 64-bit Windows 10 desktop is taking for ever to shut down. Last night I timed it as 8 mins 15 seconds! Inevitably, I resort to switching off the power after waiting a reasonable amount of time for all the applications to stop running and Windows to do most of the shut-down process. I have turned off Fast Startup (which ironically appears to cause most people's shut down problems) but that didn't fix it. Is someone sneakily using my PC to do remote Bitcoin mining without my knowledge? Any ideas as to how I fix this problem would be most welcome.

  Forum Editor 11:18 03 May 2018

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  Forum Editor 11:21 03 May 2018

Forget about bitcoin mining and try this:-

  1. Press the Windows key and type troubleshoot.

  2. Select Troubleshooting and click on System and Security.

  3. Select Power and follow the onscreen instructions.

  tallboy 23:40 05 May 2018

Thanks for the prompt reply & suggestion. Alas, it didn't fix the problem. If the PC has only been running for 30 mins or so, it closes down quite quickly if I use the right mouse button context list (Shutdown), but if it has been running all day (with a few 'Hibernates'along the way, it takes for ever to shut down. Any more ideas to try?. Thanks.

  wee eddie 09:17 06 May 2018

Is it trying to install Windows Updates?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:20 06 May 2018

Tallboy, firstly, make sure there are no USB drives connected when you try to shutdown.

Secondly, the Windows Event Viewer performance logs may identify the culprit responsible. I tried to help fellow poster Compumac with his slow startup problem recently so have a read at my posts in page one here. The troubleshooting principles will be the same for slow shutdowns too. If you can discover the name of what's causing the problem then it'll be easier to fix.

  tallboy 11:06 08 May 2018

Thanks for the replies & suggestions wee eddie & secret- squirrel. No, my PC isn't trying to do a Windows update, but it did have my USB-connected backup drive connected. I have now disconnected that and it shuts down a lot quicker as a result! Interestingly, it has been plugged in for several months, but it is only in the past 7-10 days that my PC shut-down has gone to an extended time. Any idea why?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:20 08 May 2018

I have now disconnected that and it shuts down a lot quicker as a result!................ Any idea why?

Something still has a handle on the drive and it's not being released immediately when you tell Windows to shutdown. There are tools available to help identify what's responsible.

Glad to see you found a workaround for the problem though :)

  wee eddie 12:51 08 May 2018

Suggest you run Malwarebytes as a precaution

  tallboy 19:35 08 May 2018

Any suggestions as to what tool(s) to use to identify what's holding the shut-down back when my external drive is connected Secret-Squirrel? I run Malwarebytes regularly and that hasn't thrown up any problems.

  wee eddie 20:16 08 May 2018

We just had someone else with a similar problem which we tried to sort over a week or so.

Then he told us that, all the time he had had a USB Drive attached and he did not think that it could possible cause the problem, so he hadn't told us about it.

Once removed, the problem disappeared.

Now, your problem may not be being caused by an errant USB Drive but, it could be an innocent printer, or somesuch.

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