Win8 RP fast boot don't work on my Acer One 751h netbook

  Jwbjnwolf 03:48 22 Jul 2012

I'm not too bothered as I don't really have a purpose for it at the moment now that Ive finished college and doing mac graphics design in sept lol.

With the DP, my netbook saw the fast boot up as just normal cold boot,

With the CP, it sees it as like booting from hibernation, so can't access bios etc unless i do a restart or do a cold boot.

With the RP, if I keep the fast boot enabled, when i power up, when it gets to the logon screen/picture it suddenly restarts so its doing a cold boot.

And I tested hibernation too, and its doing the exact same thing.

So I have to disable hibernation and fast boot -__-

As mentioned in the title, Its an Acer One 751h (forever mixing 5&1 up lol -__-)

Anyone else having this with the RP?

It works fine on my sisters netbook and in parallels desktop 7 on my mac.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:33 23 Jul 2012


  Nontek 22:56 23 Jul 2012

I think the problem might be your use of Initials - most peoples are used to normal English.

What for instance is DP, CP & RP?? I thought I had a reasonable amount of common sense, but could not be bothered to spend time working out/guessing what each means!

  Jwbjnwolf 03:15 26 Jul 2012

DP = Developer Preview

CP = Consumer Preview

RP = Release Preveiw

  HondaMan 15:33 10 Aug 2012

You are, apparently, running bets of various descriptions. What do you expect.

Tell Microsoft!

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