Win7 using a back-up file(s)

  Alan1950 12:39 18 Feb 2018

Hi, I had a drive 0 (C:) fail on my computer. Most data (documents/photos etc) are stored on drive 1 (was D:) Drive 0 has been replaced and windows is now working. Drive 1 (old D:) is now drive G:, but datas seems OK. I regularly back up both drives. Problem, when I run windows restore it cant find the old C: back-up. However, I can see both a back-up data set and a image copy of C:. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Alan

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 18 Feb 2018

You can go into disk management and change the drive letter of your G drive back to D:

windows is probably looking in the wrong place for the back up.

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