Win7 SP1 to Win10 - Error Found - C1900101-4000D

  Graphicool1 09:26 24 Aug 2015

Hi Guys

I attempted an install of Win10 on Friday of last week. After 45 minutes (of presumably installation) I was informed by the Win10 installation programme, the following...

"Windows 10 couldn't be installed",(Now there's a surprise, not!)

"Error Found - C1900101-4000D Windows encountered an unknown error?." (But, no doubt of their making)

"Windows is now restoring your original version of Windows."

"You can find out more by clicking on Installed Updates, in the left panel."

I clicked on my installed Windows Updates, But not knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be looking for this excersize was pointless.

In any case, why wasn't the problem detected by them, when they did their pre-install check of my system, to see if Win 10 could be installed. Or at least why didn't they just tell me which update is the culprit, out of the 400 I have? Then, I could have, uninstalled it myself. Why do they have to be so cloak and dagger about these things. After all, the fault is obviously theirs.

I've since been on the Internet and it would seem that I'm far from alone in this matter. Other people have been given many different things to try, including an ISO. However, as yet none have worked. Apparently this has been going on for some several weeks now. Unsurpisingly MS are no help what-so-ever. After all this time, how can they still be calling it an...unknown error?

I was actually looking forward to putting Win10 through it's paces today. But now I'll just have to consul myself with Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Not that it's the consolation prize.

I am so glad I decided to try and install 10 on my laptop, before installing it on my main desktop PC. Praise be to the luck of the draw.

Since the dawn of time, when I first associated myself with Microsoft, such circumstances have been my fate, on an ongoing basis.

So, if any of you guys can throw any light on this problem, don't hold back.

  compumac 09:39 24 Aug 2015

I have tried five times to install Win 10 onto a Win 7 laptop with the same scenario each time. I have searched the internet for a workaround and none of them have worked, apart from which - why should you have to go through all of these workarounds anyway. If Microsoft advise that your PC is Win 10 updatable then surely that should be the case. I for one will not be updating any of my other PC's until a much later date when PERHAPS these problems are sorted.

  Graphicool1 10:06 24 Aug 2015

Hi Compumac

Yes I both sympathise and agree with with your views on this matter. Because of my own attempt and reading about the attempts of others. I have decided that although I would still like to give Win10 a go. (mainly because it's new and free)

But, not being dissatisfied with Win7. I to have come to the view that if they sort this problem out, yes I will still instal it on my laptop. However, at this moment in time, I don't think I'll be installing it on my main desktop PC anytime soon.

  KenBrandt 17:55 26 Aug 2015

I have had the same exact problem. After trying different things people have suggested in the forum, it still doesn't install and still comes back with the same error - C1900101-4000D. I give up!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 26 Aug 2015

Amd chip?

  Graphicool1 10:20 27 Aug 2015


So, did you have a lot of personal stuff that you had to back up, I mean terrabytes. Also hundreds of FREE programmes that you'd gathered over the years, as I do?. Many of which are irreplacable, owing that they were only FREE for a short period of time. Some I have brought with me from previous incarnations of Windows.

I am of course refering to my main PC not the laptop. Where my main PC is concerned I would neither want to go to those lengths, simply to try out a new OS, that I might not want to keep. On top of that, why should I have to, why should anyone have to?

Of course the bottom line is and I have to ask... you think that (for you) it was worth it?

Fruit Bat /\0/\

"Amd chip?"

Is this not more by way of a cryptic statement, rather than a solution. However, if it were, as you hint at, something amiss with the AMD chip, that is making Win10 unable to instal? Wouldn't it be so, that even after 'a clean instal of Windows' Win10 still shouldn't be able to instal?

  Graphicool1 13:12 27 Aug 2015

From what I've read, in many ways Win7 Pro and Win10 Pro are basically not that dissimilar. Also it has been said that unless you are having problem's with Win7 (which I'm not) there's no point moving.

It would seem that the link with 'Xbox One' (streaming live games to your PC & Laptop, would be good for gamers (which you say you are not) and 'Hey Cortana' (the voice-activated personal assistant.) How does that work on a PC then, I'm guessing you have to either rig up a mic or wear a wireless headphone mic, to also use With the built in 'Skype'.

They say you can also use the touch screen facility. Might be a plus for many, however, not for me. My PC hasn't got a touch screen, and even if it had, I don't sit that close? Oh and I don't use 'Apps' or 'Multiple Desktops' I tried that feature years ago, I have no need for it.

I use 'PS4' for online MMO gaming on my TV and I won't be changing anytime soon. As for Skype and Web Cam's, well, I prefer to contact people via email and I have no need to sit and look at them while I'm doing so!

Do I need a personal assistant?, who tells me jokes and surfs the Net for me etc, while I sit there twiddling my thumbs, I don't think so.

Then there's the 'Start Menu'. It's never been something I've used, all my links are on the desktop.

So, personally I wouldn't be activating or using any of those. (If I had the choice) and thereby lies the rub, do you have the choice?

It is at this point that you might be wondering, if I felt that way, why would I even be thinking about making the transition? Well, basically I'm a freeware junkie and this would be the biggest freeware I would have ever downloaded. Although, without actually trying it out I can't say that it is the best. Especially as being that many of the changes I wouldn't be using.

Having said all this, I would still instal it on my laptop, if it was easy to do, just to see. Who knows I might become a convert, though I doubt it.

  amolmeshram 03:59 17 Sep 2015

I am also facing the same problem. windows 10 couldn't be installed C1900101-4000D. there is no solution on internet.

  Govan1x 08:31 17 Sep 2015

W7 and W10 not dissimilar. Are you sure you are not getting mixed up with W8 and W10.

Basically W10 is only an update of W8 so not sure why it is called an upgrade. it should probably have been called W8.2 instead of the fancy name W10.

Just to put your minds at rest W7 is the last good version of windows where everyone got on with it and liked it. W8 and W10 are completely different to what you are used to.

Maybe Fruit Bat /\0/\ was referring to having the latest AMD driver update. I know I had problems with my internet speed for about 6 weeks till I found out that it was an AMD driver that needed updating. Not sure if that was on W7 or W8.

  robin_x 09:48 17 Sep 2015

Use Media Creation Tool to "Create Installation Media for another PC".

Run setup.exe on the newly created USB Flash, DVD or extracted iso.

(Don't boot USB or DVD for the upgrade)

Files, Apps and Settings can be retained

  Graphicool1 10:19 17 Sep 2015

Hi Goven1x

I have W7 Pro SP1 Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB System Type : 64-bit Operating System

I'm not having any problems with it at all.

However, I have recently (since posting this thread) started having problems with W10. It has downloaded itself to my desktop PC and for the past two weeks has been trying to force me to install it. Further to this it's withholding my W7 updates. Needless to say I am not amused with this scenario.

Did you read the EULA before clicking 'I Agree'? If you didn't, then I might suggest you read THIS

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